Israel Hershberg
Israel Hershberg


We require a retainer upon signing the contract agreement. For appraisals, fees are based on an hourly rate plus expense such as travel and incidentals. Final payment is due upon completion and delivery of the report(s). For art advisory projects, we charge a percentage of the works or rentals we help you acquire and charge hourly for collections management services. For other projects, we will work with you to find a price model that suits your needs.


We pride ourselves in being professional, communicative, and efficient. Prior to the start of your appraisal or art advisory project, we will agree upon the scope of the project and services to be rendered in a contract. During the length of the project, we are available for any questions you may have. For your convenience, we deliver appraisal reports in a hard and digital copy. In addition, we keep reports on file for five years.  


We would love to work with you. Send us a message via email from our contact page.


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