Israel Hershberg
Israel Hershberg

Appraisal & Art Advisory Service

Appraisal Services


Anat Ofer  Appraisal Services & Art Advisory provides certified appraisals for a diverse set of situations. We are qualified to appraise every type of personal property and our appraisal reports are cohesive, technically accurate, and adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We recommend that you have your art re-evaluated every two to five years.


 We suggest that you use our appraisal services before or when you:


Give a Charitable Donation or Gift

Appraisal reports are used to determine taxes from a charitable donation or a gift. Get in touch with us before you give your gift or charitable donation.


Submit an Insurance Claim

In the event of loss or damage to valuable property, you will need an appraisal report to submit claims. The appraisal report is used to establish insurance coverage. For this purpose, we recommend that our clients get their art collection appraised every two years.


Determine Property Division

Appraisal reports are often required by attorneys to negotiate or determine equitable distribution of private property. In addition, corporations require appraisal reports to carry out mergers and acquisitions or loans, when they are using collateral. Our team can advise you on the best way forward.


 Valuate an Estate

Appraisal reports are needed both for tax planning purposes prior to an asset and property owner’s death, and for settling an estate after death. These reports will help determine net worth to plan and valuate the estate. We will work together with individuals as well as accountants, attorneys, and estate planners.


 Valuate an Artist’s Estate

In addition to appraisal reports, on an artist’s estate, AOAAA specializes in applying beneficial blockage discounts to reduce estate tax. Our team has handled estate sales for many successful artists in New York, Miami, and Israel. 

*As Anat Ofer is both a certified appraiser and a licensed real estate broker, our team is able to offer comprehensive estate sale services. AOAAA can appraise possessions and if needed, manage the sale of both possessions and real estate property.

We will give you the personalized service you deserve. Please contact us via email  with a brief description of your needs and we will send you a quote..


Art Advisory Services


As part of AOAAA’s art advisory services, the team sources art works for private clients, real estate projects, and connects artists, exhibition producers, and gallery owners with real estate owners and developers. We specialize in creating creative and financially viable meetings between art and real estate.  We help gallery owners relocate to more affordable spaces and, for developers, we source or commission art that reflects a neighborhood or a feeling to enhance space. Do you need help maintaining your art collection? We also offer comprehensive collections management services. Anat Ofer and her team are dedicated to collaborating with a diverse set of clients to bring art to new and exciting places. 


Some of the services we offer include:


Sourcing, acquiring or leasing art works

Sourcing art works and design pieces for new developments, business owners & hotels.

Advising Real Estate developers on cultural partnerships.

Building an Art Collection

Selling or buying art

Helping relocate a Gallery and finding the right space

Art Backed Loans


Our collections management services include:

Photographic Documentation

Research and Cataloging

Conservation and Restoration

Inventory Protection and Storage


All our art advisory projects are tailored to our clients' needs. Contact us  so that we can discuss yours!












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