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Israel Hershberg

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Anat Ofer Art Advisory and Appraisals (AOAAA) is a boutique firm that caters to art collectors, artists and their family members, museums, estate attorneys, accountants, and a sophisticated set of real estate developers and cultural producers across America and the world. Having found a niche in the market, Anat Ofer and her team specialize in leveraging their knowledge of the real estate industry with the art and design world to develop innovative projects and deliver financially viable results to their clients.


The firm’s approach to appraisal services is based on discretion, efficiency, and expertise in tax laws and federal regulations. Used for insurance, tax, and legal purposes, an appraisal report is a legal document that states the value of art works, design objects, jewelry, real estate, and other possessions or properties. Anat Ofer is a Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) certified, tested, and accredited appraiser that creates cohesive and legal appraisal reports that state value with precision and technical accuracy. As part of AOAAA’s art advisory services, the team sources art works for private clients, real estate projects, and connects artists and exhibition producers with real estate owners and developers. With the outmost discretion, AOAAA caters to clients in New York, Miami, Israel, and beyond. 


Anat Ofer has more than 15 years of experience working with art and real estate. An Israeli native, Anat Ofer first developed a passion for Israeli and Jewish Art while in university. Now, her knowledge extends to contemporary and modern art, decorative arts, and design. For several years, she was involved with volunteer work at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Middle Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University, a Master’s degree in Business from Johnson and Wales, and an appraiser’s certificate from New York University. She is a certified member of the Appraiser’s Association of America and a licensed real estate broker with the Corcoran Group. 


 An appraisal is a legal document that states value and description of your property. A properly prepared appraisal by USPAP certified, tested & accredited appraiser will include a value conclusion that will clarify any questions of value under any circumstances. The appraisal report is cohesive, legal, readable document that accomplishes its intended use with precision and technical accuracy. Each appraisal is an argument for value and must contain ample supporting information.


At Anat Ofer Art Advisory the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to focus on your needs!  We offer wide range of services listed on our website under services. Please let us know how we can help you. 


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions.

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